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Thursday, July 16, 2009

be what you really want to be

i was in my office mate room that time..
discussing with her about the problems occurred to the students final mark..
she was talking with her loud voice as usual..
annoying but what can i do...thats her..
while she was bla bla blaing(ade ke perkataan nih??haha)
suddenly i saw i picture of a baby on her wall..
and i am damn sure that its not her baby...
coz the baby is extremely cute to be hers.haha

but actually its not the cute face of that little fella that attracts me..
it was the things written on the picture next to the baby...

"be what you really want to be"

so i was like looking at a hot gorgeous sexy female model in front of me..
my eyes were not blink blink..and i loss everything that i discuss with my friend..


"paham tak ape kite bincang nih..." friend said haha

the "be what you really want to be" thing btol btol buat aku lupe kat aku nye discussion..

then for the rest of my boring working day,aku asyik terpikir bende tuh..
and try to check my self...

"am i doing what i really want to do???"

hrmm..i dont think so... long as someone else is happy...i'll try to make myself happy too.

tengah dengar skrang nih...
sekali ade lak diorang iklan liverpool nak gi singapore and lawan singapore national team...erghh the song untk iklan tu...**** tak sedap langsung...benci aku dengar..haha...

bia liverpool kalah ngan singapore..but bia MAN U menang besar ngan MESIA..wakakakakak sabor nak tgok player mesia terkapai kapai di tgh stadium haha...

anyway good luck to malaysia'a national team...kalahkan lah Man U tu kalau boleh...ape salahnye mencube kan...adat la kalah menang..hehe

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