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Sunday, July 12, 2009

senget btol!!

government officer..
that's me now..
not happy at all..

last no lah..
last two week..hmm..
yeah correct..correct..correct(suppose to sound as korek korek korek)
credit to Linggam..haha

i was forced to join two days orientation(is this how they spell it??) for new staffs.
so i went la...terpakse kan..
within these 2 days..
yeah as usual like what others will say
"waa a lot of new things i know"
"yeah the program benefit me a lot"
"wohoo i wish they change it from two days to two weeks program"

but me..
"damn i hate it.a lot of work pending on my tray..they still want me to join it..huh bull****.."

oi bad word in here ur mouth young man...
owh sorry..but i didn't use my mouth..i use my fingers only what..thanks coz u think i'm still young..ahaks i likeee

haha gile.

so by the end of the 2nd day..
i was talking to this guy..a nice guy..true he is talking shit maa haha.

he asked me..hows ur job azrin..
i said.."hmm dont ask me la..u know hows my job..we are in the same position.."
then he loughed..huh i am expecting him to go away at that time..but seem like he really like my answer..ceh

so i added some more answer la to his question..
i said.."i'm sick of going to 4-5 hours meeting.."

pastu korang tau ape die jawab..

"eh..ok pe..jimat duit..everytime ade meeting..breakfast ada..kalau lame..lunch pon ade..lagi lame..siap minum petang lagi..takyah kuar duit belanje"

aku tengok die..aku abeskan teh depan aku..aku bangun and salam die and aku kata..aku nak balik..

dalam hati aku aku meminta minta supaya die kene attend meeting 24 jam sehari dalam idup die..

ceh..patut la aku makin tak suke ngan keje nih..

aku sekarang makin terbiase dgn perkataan dan perbuatan TERPAKSA...
layan ah..asal org lain bahgia...

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